Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome Home, Arctic Wolves - UPDATE

The Palin household is happy tonight, along with hundreds of other Alaskan families. Alaska's Stryker Brigade, known as the Arctic Wolves, came home Thursday safe and sound.

KTUU has the story and more video. I'll get the video here or on YouTube sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, the Palin-haters will say that this was just a Palin photo-op, like this dude:

Tanyalaska: Her "honored" presence only took from the respect and honor that should've been given 100% to the families of the fallen soldiers. The fact that she sat next to them and received flowers like them and was addressed in every speech like them was not o kay with me.

Here's a couple testimonies from people who were there:

EngineerWife: I was at the redeployment ceremony today and Sarah Palin's presence didn't detract from the reason we were there. Our fallen soldiers were honored, our returning soldiers were thanked, along with the families. Everyone there was honored. The military is very big on something called "respect," and out of respect for the position that she held, her name was mentioned. Briefly...very briefly. And she was mentioned and given a rose way after any other person received theirs. If Col Thompson chose to mention her, that was his option. And by the way, she was considered the senior mother of the brigade. She is a mother of one of the soldiers being thanked, I am a wife of one of those soldiers as well, and I welcomed her presence. As I would any other wife, mother, father, or child.

Tankerwife84: I was at today's event to remember our fallen Soldier and welcome my husband and all other's home! No one knew Sarah was going to be there and she was as classy as ever. She is a true hero for our Country by letting her son serve in the Military.

Militaryfamily: Welcome back, Strykers! I was at the ceremony, and it was a beautiful tribute, especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. While Sarah Palin was recognized in the welcome remarks, there was no fanfare for her. She was there to welcome home her son and his fellow soldiers. Some people did stop her and ask to have their photos taken with her, and she was very gracious and accomodating. Her son just returned from a year of war, where he was defending the freedoms we take for granted. One of those freedoms is the freedom of speech that many of you use in this anonymous forum in order to make such ugly comments about his mother. Don't pretend, on one hand, to support the troops, while on the other hand running down their families. They deserve far better than that.

UPDATE: Later date for the vids on YouTube. You can just go to KTUU and see 'em anyway.

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