Monday, October 5, 2009

You Smell That? It's Called Fear.

The Party Boys just can't help themselves. More Palin-bashing here. All of this talk about Palin not being able to cut it will not discourage her. Don't ever tell Sarah Palin she can't do something; she'll work her tail off to prove you wrong and then turn around and rub your face in it. She seems to thrive on underdog status. You're just putting her right in the middle of her element.

Why are the Party Boys doing this? Fear. She is the biggest threat, not only to the liberal agenda, but to their power. She has the ability to eclipse them. Her presence makes them unnecessary, if not irrelevant. The most telling statement from John Weaver: McCain's closest political adviser for much of the past decade, said that he was nearly certain that the former governor would never be the Republican nominee and added that, if she was, "it would surely mean a political apocalypse is upon us."

Amen, Amen. Preach it, brother, preach it! If she succeeds, it will mean the end of their little power circle. That's why they despise her: she's a threat.

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Greg said...

What have Murphy and Schmidt ever done successfully in politics? The day after Palin's great showing against Biden, Schmidt sends out a press release announcing that McCain is giving up on Michigan. Who does that? Answer: only an idiot. As for Murphy, he's a Romneybot, so his goal is to tear down Palin in an attempt to get his guy to win.

These two, and others like Brooks, Parker, Noonan, etc., are all trying to hold back the tsunami that is about to hit them upon the release of Going Rogue, which is #1 at Amazon, #1 at Borders, #1 at Books a Million, and #3 at Barnes and Noble (down from #1, but still a good showing.) WalMart is taking pre-release orders as well. Meanwhile, Mitt's book due out next year is #379,122 at Amazon, having dropped from #54,000 a few days ago.