Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Day, Another Headache

'There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.'

That's a phrase that's been playing over and over in my mind these days. I watch Romney and McCain flank Scott Brown, a man who ran on Palin rhetoric. I watch McCain use Palin to get reelected (no surprise, we all knew she would support him) and oh, what a shock, he's bringing in Brown too. What a pathetic, pathetic man. He knows we couldn't care less about him so he uses the young talent to get his sorry butt reelected. No matter. He's powerless now anyway.

Sarah's smart. She knows what she's doing. But that doesn't mean I like John McCain any more. Politico has a fairly fair piece on it here.

Sarah will be on Oprah this afternoon with Bristol. Should be interesting. I believe they might swing by Entertainment Tonight as well. Of course the press is criticizing it and every other move Palin makes or doesn't make, but what else is new? Palin is going to become much more mainstream as the year goes on. Tammy Bruce doesn't want Palin too get too familiar, but I think she will. As she does, she will broaden her appeal. She can either be a firecracker and have a few million people crazy about her, or she can calm her image down a little bit and have tens of millions okay with her. Then she's free to fight for the Presidency (if that's what she chooses to fight for) from there.

The March for Life is happening today too. Sarah said on Twitter that it's one of the things she will talk about on Oprah today. Sarah also reminds everyone to tune in to Glenn Beck today. It's his genocides special. Should be really good. Heh. Ironically, for me, it's on at the same time as the Oprah interview. Sorry, Glenn, I'm going to have to catch you at your rerun:)

What's going on in the Bristol/Levi custody battle? Pretty much what goes on in every custody battle, only with the media. Levi will be on the Insider sometime this week. Yay. Can't wait for that. I've actually calmed down a lot about this whole thing. It used to be that any mention of Levi's name churned my stomach. Okay, there's still a little rumbly in my tumbly about it, but for the most part, I've decided that a calm, rational approach is the best.

This week, a friend of Levi's sold some pics and a quick story to RadarOnline. He basically said that both Bristol and Levi were guilty of freaking out about nothing, they don't get along, and Sarah stays out of it for the most part. He also said that Sarah's a good person. Story here. Mercede Johnston put this up on her Facebook.

Oh, so you don't like it when people sell you out to the media, huh? Well, now you know how it feels. I seem to recall a certain teenage girl talking to Star Magazine quite a bit. Wonder who that was? Hmmmmmmm.

Bristol and Levi are 19 year-old parents. This drama happens. They've just got the world watching.

Bristol has asked for interim child support until a child support order is given. Documents here.

On to happier things.

I like this vid of a military guy commenting on Palin in September of 2008. Audio a little low. You'll have to turn it up:

And you've probably heard by now about the "scandal" that was Mayor Bloomberg holding back photos of a trip Governor Palin made to NY in 2007. I think the story came out last November. Here's Bloomberg's comments on it:

Here are the pics from the visit. Found here:

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