Friday, January 22, 2010

Butler's an Idiot

I'm sorry, but this just cracked me up. Levi's lawyer responds to Bristol's request for child support:
Attorney Rex Butler tells TMZ, Levi has told Bristol on several occasions he wanted her to come to his house to pick up checks for Tripp's support. Butler says Levi also told her "it would be nice" if she brought Tripp along when she picked up the checks, because Levi wanted to spend time with his son. Butler says on each occasion Bristol was a no-show.

Butler says Bristol is partly to blame for the fact that she hasn't gotten the support she wants. Butler tells TMZ on one occasion Levi was prepared to hand over $3,000 ... but Bristol never showed.

As for why Levi didn't just put the check in the mail ... Butler says, "Why should he have to do that. He's not dangerous to her."
Ha, ha, ha! Oh, that's priceless! Among the usual "caribou barbie" garbage there are some pretty good comments on the article:

1. He's a pig. Talk about an ego "Why should I stick them in the mail?" perhaps because you want to support your kid by any means?

So what if she's driving around in something like that? I know several well to do families that have bought their child cars. (Sadly I wasn't one of them)

2. First, you send the money and show good faith, with no drama. After time, she begins to trust that you care about your son, and THEN she might even arrange to meet to pick up the checks and bring their son. Who ever said, I've got support money.....come and get it? That's not how it's done. Clearly this guy doesn't get it....any of it. If he's that immature, then he should stay on the path he's on, make as much money as possible, and move on.

3. Man up you D bag and pay support. This stupid crap about paying her if she comes over is lame. If he wanted his kid so bad he could have taken that 100k and fought her. What a fing loser. In California they would have raped him with support the min he didn't mail the check. The DA offices here can collect a fee for helping collect so the parent just needs to call them and they will be on the dead beat like the A team.

I am a single father and my ex does this crap too. She hasn't paid me anything because she only wants to pay 50 a month so because I think a college grad can make more and pay me more than 50 bucks I am going to go to file the same papers. The stupid ex won't even help pay for my girls meds when she is sick.

4. His lawyer is some stupid sled chasing loser too. Who cares what Bristol is driving it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if her mom leased it for her or Bristol got it on her own. To say thats the other reason he won't send any money for his kid is a joke and he should be dis barred.

5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? come to my house and pick up a child support check???? Mail the check and go see your son on your own time. The two have absolutey nothing to do with each other. It's time to take on your responsibility and stop using your 5 minute fame as a teenage father to become a celebrity. Take care of your child

6. What a bunch of BS. I have been a legal assistant for over 26 years and not once in all those years have I ever heard such crap! Refusing to pay child support unless the receiving parent comes to your home to pick it up?!?! Seriously? I would love to hear that excuse fly in a courtroom where I live. If he wants to be a father, let him be a father but part of being a good parent is supporting your child, not playing ridiculous games with the other parent. Oh, and who cares what kind of car she drives?

7. How ridiculous. This male (not a man) cannot mail his support to his son? The mother has to pick up his son's support check in person? Come on! This guy is total dirt for publicly trashing his son's family, and now he is demanding his ex show up in person if she wants his financial support for his own son.

What Bristol drives is irrelevant. Her mother probably does pretty well financially with her book and her new job at FOX. At least someone is kicking in to support Bristol and the baby. I don't see how the type of vehicle Bristol drives should impact if this loser supports his son.

8. So he wants her to go to his house to pick up checks and take the kid with her so he can see it. Hey Butler it cuts both ways this little wanker can get in his car and drive over to her house to drop off a check and see his kid I haven't heard that she a threat to him either.

On the accusation that Bristol's been driving around in an, so what? It might belong to her parents. And even if it doesn't, it's hardly relevant. Rich or poor, fathers have to pay child support. My dad had to pay through the nose for the kids from his first marriage. We were pretty poor until my half siblings hit eighteen. Sorry, Levi. This is just the way it goes.

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