Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tired Yet?

There are days that I think "tired" is an understatement.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, did you know that Michael Steele and Sarah Palin are the biggest money-grubbers on the planet? I didn't hear all of these complaints when Al Gore started getting rich off of global warming.

I'm no fan of Michael Steele, I'm rather indifferent towards the man, but even he doesn't deserve the money-grubbing label that the NYT tried to give him in its latest hit piece on the GOP and Palin. And the GOP getting less money isn't all of his fault either. People are fed up all-around, and that includes with the GOP. Funds would have gone down regardless.

Now the American Thinker has come out with three articles on Palin's Fox debut. One declares her to be Dan Qualye and says we should just forget all about her. There's no hope for her. The other two nitpick her performance and are generally critical.

Meanwhile, the media continues to holler and shout that Palin is getting money for magazine covers (according to "sources") and is being (gasp!) paid to speak at the TPC. It's times like this that you just want to vomit.

Oh, and John McCain says that he's pretty sure Palin will campaign for him in Arizona. Palin, being the faithful friend and having a general blindspot for the old back-stabber probably will. More vomit.

It's downright discouraging sometimes. No wonder Palin doesn't seem too keen on running for President. After a couple of years of this stuff, can you honestly say that you would want to put yourself through more?

No one in their right mind, or who has really thought about it, wants to be President. It's a horrible, thankless job. In Palin's case, it's horrible just to be a potential President. I'm waiting to see Romney or Huckabee get near the amount of criticism. After all, Huck has a TV show and Romney is out with his new book. Complaints? Comments?

Didn't think so.

I hope the Palins get filthy rich.

I think that these stories and themes are nothing more than an attempt to divide and conquer. They see that the Tea Party movement is a success. There's a TPC and there's money - Aha! a chance to spread doubt and division.

Now is time for that Washington figure to emerge. Someone needs to say, "Look, we don't all get along. We don't even all believe the same things. But we've got to come together and do this, or we're doomed."

C'mon, Sarah.

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