Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cry Me A River

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

That was, of course, Mercede Johnston.

"Doesn't that family make enough money?"

Hm. Perhaps jealousy has been a motivating factor for the Johnstons this past year? Selling little bits and pieces of the Palins' lives so they could make some money off of that rising star once Bristol cut things off.

"Nothing against Bristol and Sarah."

I laugh. And I laugh. And I laugh. I guess that was Mercede's evil twin out there spilling her guts to Star Magazine and other publications (not to mention the talk shows) about how wild the Palins are. I believe she said that Bristol was "crazy." Sure, Sadie. This is all the big mean Palins out to get you. This had nothing to do with you. You're all heart.

I'm not sure when Levi had the time to fight desperately to see his boy. Was it while he was flying all over the country doing photo-ops and selling info on the Palins for thirty pieces of silver? Well, actually, a hundred thousand pieces of silver. Inflation has done wonders for the betrayal industry.

And I'm not clear on how wanting to set up a visitation schedule is trying to keep Tripp away from Levi. But maybe I'm just clueless that way.

You're quite the bleeding heart, kid. See this? This is the world's smallest violin playing "My Heart Bleeds for You." Nice piece for Zaki you did there. Send Dennis my regards.

If Levi really wanted to see his kid rather than drag this out as long as possible to give him an excuse to cry to the media, he would have gotten a job and filed for joint custody himself a long time ago. So spare me the dramatics.

On a more serious note, is $1,700 a month a bit much? I'm thinking, yeah. So maybe Levi should, I don't know, look for a real job with a solid income that they can base the amount of child support on instead of his Playgirl earnings?

Just a thought.

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