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Valentine's Day, Hillbuzz Style

The Palin Phenomenon has done many odd things over the last two years. Not the least of which, it has me reading Hillbuzz.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would find myself proud to call the Hillbuzz boys blood brothers. Up until now, they've been pretty liberal guys who, obviously, love Hillary Clinton. I never darkened the door of their blog until C4P linked them.

I don't agree with them on many issues, but as I've said before, Sarah Palin is both a divider and a uniter. And she has brought together all kinds of people from all walks of life who are willing to put all else on the backburner in order to support her. When it comes to Sarah, we stand together.

So, I was reading Hillbuzz on Valentine's Day (I still can't believe I'm saying that), and I wanted to share some of what they had to say. It's long, but it's worth it:

So, the meal was disappointing.

And so was the date because Charlton just wanted to talk about how much he hated Republicans and religious people all night.

Now, when Bast recounted the blind date for us back at Buzzquarters, as soon as Panda heard that, he grabbed a big pillow off the couch and plopped it on the floor, bellied up to it, and rested his chin in his palms because he thought he was going to get another of what he calls Bast’s “Julia Sugarbaker Moments”.

If any one of us is destined to get into a bar fight, it’s Bast. He’s the one who gets punched in the face for standing up for Sarah Palin, or for little Trig, when guys in Boystown are saying vulgar things about them. He’s the one who’s most fearless, and who. more than any of us, tells it like it is....

But, no Julia Sugarbaker moment came. Bast was polite, and let the stranger at the table with him have his say, but instead of hammering him back and telling him all he was doing was parroting the dreck from MSNBC or whatever, Bast took a different route. He asked Charlton why he thought Republicans were so evil and out to get gay people, since Charlton had said, “They want to kill us”.


When did they say they wanted that?

Charlton couldn’t answer, but he talked about Prop-8 in California instead.

Bast reminded him it was Dr. Utopia’s voters that passed Prop-8…on Election Day 2008, when Dr. Utopia carried the state by a healthy margin. So, HIS voters voted FOR Prop-8. Dr. Utopia did nothing to stop them from voting FOR bigotry…and he’s done nothing to help spousal rights efforts in any state since then.

Charlton didn’t have much to say on that, but kept reiterating that Republicans “would kill us if they had the chance” and “would send us to gas chambers”. He has nothing to support that. He just says it. Again and again. Becuase it’s what he’s been taught in the LGBTQ community.

The funny thing is, all of us here used to be like this, before 2008.

You would think it would be easy to remember what it was like to be Charlton, because 2008 was not so long ago, but we’re honestly different guys today. We don’t even recognize our old selves....

“I don’t know who you are anymore,” is what Jason said to Robby, before trying to launch into that tired, old, chestnut of “Republicans and religious nuts are trying to kill us”, just like Charlton did.

Whenever any of us ask Liberals when Republicans have tried to kill anyone, there’s just a moment of silence, and then they launch into the “they won’t let us get married” stuff, and when we rebut that, it’s usually just a personal attack on us that comes next…as in, “I don’t know who you are!”, “What kind of gay man are you?”, “What’s wrong with you?”.

It’s a weird time in our lives, because we’re not Republicans and never will be. We’re close to not being Democrats any more…so for all intents and purposes we’re Independents.

Never saw that coming....

That’s why we insist “Republicans: Not As Evil As You Think” is such a great slogan to use for the GOP in our circles. Because it hits directly at what so many gays believe, without ever thinking.

We’re determined to do something with that “Not As Evil As You Think” this year…because if we can shake that belief in the gay community, somehow, all bets could be off.

The only thing that’s keeping guys voting Democrat over and over is the fact they are all brainwashed to believe Democrats are good, and Republicans are evil.

Take that simplism out of play, and who knows what will happen....

It’s hard to make friends in Boystown if you, like us, leave this little world and come back changed by the reality that America is much more important than party identity, and that people aren’t evil and trying to kill us because they go to church and love their God.

As we’ve said many times here, the absolute worst any Republican or “religious nut”, as Boystown calls them, ever did to us was say, “Boys, you ain’t right, I’l gonna pray for y’all and then you’ll get yourselves some nice wives and be normal”.

That was said to us in Texas, with a great big smile behind it, and a light in the man’s eyes because he meant this as a huge favor — and that he seriously WANTED to help us because he liked us.

It’s like we had cancer and he was saying he was going to pray and make the tumor go away so we could walk again…pray so that God would fix us. Because we are broken.

What we’re going to say right now took two years for us to get to, but we honestly see the LOVE, not the hate, in that comment. We’re taught in Boystown that a religious Texan saying something like that hates gays, hates us, wants to kill us....

Do Democrats ever say, “I’m going to hope you see things our way and come around to our thinking, and then you will be all right”? Nope. They shout. They harass. They libel. They physically threaten and try to intimidate. Then, they fly into rages.

Like crazy people.


Interesting stuff.

Oh, and I see the boys embedded my Bob and Mark birthday video. I doubt they know it's mine, but that's okay. I love what they had to say about it:
In this radio piece, done for Sarah Palin’s birthday, the hosts in Alaska bring up the book “Rendezvous with Destiny”, which is about Ronald Reagan’s 1980 run for the presidency.

Has anyone read it?

The hosts talk about all the similarities between now and then, and between Palin and Reagan at this point.

They also talk about how stupid the MSM is…and how easily Palin gets under their skin. She jokes about writing things on her hand that she wants the press to talk about, and how they just fall for whatever she sets them up for. The woman plays those Leftists like a harp. It’s wonderful.

Palin also talks about going to Daytona for NASCAR, mentions Piper’s in the play “Annie”, and that Todd is getting ready for the Iron Dog race (February 19th).

We’re really curious to read “Rendezvous with Destiny” now…and realized that the whole time we were listening to this radio clip, we were smiling wide and hanging on every word the Governor said.

2012 can’t get here soon enough folks. 32 years after Reagan beat Carter, history looks set to repeat itself.

Thanks to Cruela, who I'm sure never reads my blog, for the heads up on the interview. :)

The Hillbuzz boys earlier had some good posts on their hate mail from the Left and their defense of Trig here and here.

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