Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Telepalmter

Sometimes I get so caught up in the media narrative that I miss the whole point. I completely swallowed the narrative this time.

Palin scribbles on her hand and the next thing you know, we're arguing about the TOTUS vs. the Alaskan Palm Pilot, blah, blah, blah. I got off track - deflected from the real issue. I never actually stopped long enough to really think about what she wrote on her hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, on Sarah Palin's left palm lies more wisdom and good sense than the entire graduating classes of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale combined (at least lately). Six words that sum up beautifully a good agenda for, oh, say a first year in the Oval Office?

1. Energy

2. Cut Taxes

3. Lift American Spirits

Step one - Energy. It's no secret that, as Palin has put it, energy is her baby. There's no question that the woman would try to smooth out the process for getting permits to drill, as well as expand nuclear energy and even alternatives, not to mention a certain pipeline. Palin is the name; energy independence is the game.

Step two - Cut taxes. Get rid of death taxes. Slash corporate taxes. Slash government spending while you're at it. Quit digging the hole deeper. A true way to stimulate the economy. And quit trying to over-regulate everything.

Step three - Lift American Spirits. This is the most important one. Once taxes are slashed, the next step is to make people believe in the economy again. Right now, bankers are sitting on money afraid to lend it. Why? Because they don't know what the rules are going to be tomorrow. The government keeps sticking its fingers into their business, and they're not going to take any risks until they know that the rules aren't going to be different next week. As long as the federal government continues to overreach, the private sector will continue to stagnate. I truly believe that the tools exist right now to bring the economy roaring back to life. All it needs is the knowledge that the government will mind its own beeswax and play its appropriate role. As Palin puts it, help the private sector; not get in the way of the private sector.

Three solid steps on a long road to an economic recovery. And what do you know? The whole time they were right there on the palm of her hand.

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