Thursday, March 25, 2010

Palin's Speech at Beaumont and More Threats

Story and Pics here:
Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke to a large crowd Thursday morning at a motivational seminar at the Civic Center in downtown Beaumont.

Palin spoke to the crowd at about 8:40 a.m. KFDM anchor Ashley Rodrigue was in the Civic Center to cover the story. Ashley says Palin told the crowd that when faced with a challenge, "Don't retreat-reload."
She's going to have fun with that one now. By the way, Eric Cantor and other GOP peeps are getting threats now too. Here's the transcript of a phone call. Politicians actually get threats all the time. I suppose JFK's murder and Reagan getting shot at was all Palin's fault too.

You know, maybe people are upset because emotions are running very high due to Congress passing a bill that basically just transformed our country forever.

Nah. It's because Palin posted on Facebook.

This comment was more interesting than the article:

I went to see Sarah Palin because I wanted to hear her speak for myself and not get a tv reporters version. I told my mother before I even read your report that the only thing report would be the "Don't Retreat - Just Reload" which was an advice she received from her father about not giving up. I enjoyed her speech and it was a tremendously pleasure to hear her for myself.

Some of the other remarks she did make were:

Opportunity meets preparation equals success.

Do today what others won't do so tomorrow you can do what others can't!

She talked about putting family first, take time to be inspired, and God doesn't drive parked cars - you have to get out and find where God wants to use you....

Don't expect others to cheer you on for what you are suppose to be doing anyway...

She enjoys being a runner because it just requires you to put your shoes one and go - in a marathon you only think about the first mile you are in....

Maybe next time your reporter could give a little more depth to your report instead of just going for what the liberal version of Sarah Palin is! Please give us a break!!!

As for the threats...
@jimgeraghty BREAKING: Nation founded by men willing to shoot people over tax rates recoils in horror at threats to lawmakers.....

Media Matters has picked up that tweet, knowing that in some way, some how, it must be offensive to _someone_.
And when it comes to Palin....

SHOOT, I just dropped a frozen turkey and it went BANG! on the floor and HIT! my foot. I could just DIE from the I won't be able to use my staple GUN to attach my son's artwork on our kitchen BULLETIN board.

Oops...sorry trolls... I hope does not TRIGGER any lefty trauma, tears, pants-wetting, panic, stress disorders or paranoia.

- Susan W


Jesse Cornish is a An Impotent Weirdo said...

It's going to be so great when liberals start arming themselves.

Wait, why is she so fat?

Hefmier said...


"It's going to be so great when liberals start arming themselves.

Wait, why is she so fat?"

Celtic Diva is armed???

Uffda said...


And the pictures are of the big screen.

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