Thursday, March 25, 2010

Palin at Midland

Palin in Midland:

[Palin] spoke to a crowd of about 1,300 people in folding chairs for the better part of an hour Thursday afternoon at the Commemorative Air Force in an event that was primarily political but between the “Amens” and cowbells from the crowd, often resembled church or a football game....

Palin was focused on getting people out to reverse what she called the leftist direction of the county under President Barack Obama.

But she said that media reports mischaracterized the conservative message as inciting violence.

“'Take up your arms' means voting,” Palin said....

Palin, who said that she was glad to see all of the young kids in the audience, was very critical of the debt she said liberals had created.

“That’s selfish and it’s generational theft,” Palin said.

Crosby Cobb, a 10-year-old from Greenwood, was also missing school. But for someone who dressed as Sarah Palin for Halloween, this wasn’t a surprise.

“She’s just someone who stands up for women’s rights and shows that just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t do something,” Cobb said.

When asked about media restrictions during the event from no television cameras or recordings to being asked not to ask audience members questions, Cocchia said that Palin didn’t want the event to be about her but rather about the people of the area. Media was not allowed recording devices, other than still photographs, and photographs were not to be taken except for the first and last five minutes of her speech.

Cocchia also said that some of the restrictions in effect, such as not allowing interviews with people attending the event or asking their names, were not due to Palin or the foundation, and may have been because volunteers misinterpreted what they were supposed to do.

“Maybe next time we’ll do things just a hair different,” Cocchia said.

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