Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Was That About Fear-Mongering?

Did you hear? Sarah Palin wants to kill the Health Care Twenty!

I knew this was coming. The moment I saw that she used little gun sights to pinpoint the HC20's districts, I knew some Lefty wuss was going to claim that Sarah Palin wants to take these folks out - literally! It's why I used a picture of a soldier with a gun for my "Targeting" post below.

And to make matters worse, she used "salvo." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! She's going to kill us all!!!!!!

Let me get this straight.

America is racist, therefore Obama was going to be killed on the campaign trail, but nobody spared a thought for what kind of a President Joe Biden would make, even as they hollered all day long that Sarah Palin was "one heartbeat away." (Note: McCain's still kickin').

If the stimulus package wasn't passed, over 300 million Americans would lose their jobs.

If the health care bill wasn't passed, husbands all over the country would start beating up their wives. Or was that the Jobs Bill?

No matter. We're all going to melt from Global Warming in about twenty years anyway.

Sarah Palin uses an obvious metaphor that she's been using for the past year, and all of a sudden she's a domestic terrorist who should be thrown in jail for being allowed to breathe.

Sarah Palin puts "Death Panels" in quotation marks.



Anonymous said...

reported your site for offensive material. enjoy - hope you get kicked off!

Uffda said...

What the craters was offensive about it?

Ah, the Left. Lovers of free speech....