Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How's Palin's Successor Doing?

While Sean Parnell can hardly be accused of bubbling charisma, he seems like a great guy with a good head on his shoulders. Here's a couple of things he's been up to lately:

First off, he's joining Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski in challenging the EPA's attempt to regulate greenhouse gas emissions:
Parnell announced this week the state will move to intervene in the original suit, which was brought by the state of Massachusetts and ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ordering the EPA to determine whether greenhouse gas emissions are a danger to public health....

Murkowski, who would rather see Congress write such regulations, is seeking support in the Senate for a so-called "disapproval resolution," which would halt the EPA rule- making process.

The state of Alaska is challenging the EPA's assertion that Congress intended the agency and states to regulate greenhouse gas emissions through the Clean Air Act. The state is also challenging the process by which the EPA came to its endangerment finding.
He's also having the state Attorney General look into the recent health care legislation:
Gov. Sean Parnell calls newly passed federal health care legislation unconstitutional and "public policy at its worst." His attorney general is reviewing the measure to determine if the state may join others in suing over the issue, though a Department of Law spokesman cautioned against a rush to judgment....

Parnell said Sunday he was concerned about how the bill will affect state residents.

"For the many Alaskans currently unable to afford insurance, this legislation will do nothing but require that they purchase health insurance," he said. "This bill will increase insurance premiums and do very little to ensure that patients have access to needed health care professionals."

Parnell said the bill that Congress passed Sunday forces people into a health care plan they don't want, and the country can't afford. He called it unconstitutional. A Parnell spokeswoman said it was Parnell's "personal opinion."
He's also working with legislators on moving forward a smaller, in-state bullet line.


Bill589 said...

She’s a hard act to follow. But Sarah would only leave Alaska in good hands. Still, for him, it’s a little like a band going on stage following the Beatles.

Uffda said...

LOL! Bob and Mark said about a week ago that it's like the party's over and someone turned out the lights. :)