Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bristol Palin: Grown Up and Speaking Out

Bristol Palin stepped up her advocacy for the Candie's Foundation yesterday on Good Morning America and the Today Show. You can see the clips here and here.

Wow. She looks more like her mom every time I see her. She's also getting better and better on television. Job very well done.

She later appeared on Greta's show:

This PSA addresses something that the haters have been dredging up for awhile now:

"Oh, sure, it's fine for you. Your mom is rich and famous, blah, blah, blah."

Bristol knows that she's in a better situation than most. Her situation also grants her the opportunity to do more about it than most.

The reaction to this latest move has been a tad more positive than what Bristol normally gets, but some old arguments still pop up, like the idea that she's not sincere and she's just a hypocrite, etc...

Do you call a former druggie who goes to a high school to convince kids not to follow in his footsteps a hypocrite? Who better to tell you not to go down a road than someone who has traveled it?

It's a fine line to walk, there's no doubt about that. On the one hand, you want teenagers to avoid this situation. On the other, you cannot regret having your child. I believe in Going Rogue, Sarah called it the "proverbial double-edged sword."

And ET will drag out the Deadbeat to comment on the PSA tomorrow night, cause you know, he's been such a role model in this situation. Owning up and taking responsibility, not blaming everybody else, getting a steady job and not trashing his child's family in the tabloids....
"Every time I tried to put him on TV she'd flip out."
Um, maybe that's because she doesn't trust you. I wonder why? What on earth would make you not trustworthy? I cannot imagine. There's also a slight difference between promoting a good cause and a cheap reality show. Slight.

And how often did you try to put him on TV, anyway?
"But it is nice to see him on there; he's happy and he's looking good. Sending out a good message."
Well. Dare I say we agree on something?


Bill589 said...

Oh, that’s right. There is one thing bad about seeing Bristol. The deadbeat’s parasitic snout will be led out by the media. I wonder if that redheaded vulture will come out for scraps too.

Uffda said...

Parasite is a very good word for it.

Word has it he's going forward with that "tell-all." I wonder what amazing secrets the overgrown baby will uncover.

(gasp!) Maybe Todd once said a bad word. Oh, the horror! I can't look!

LOL! It's like the Vanity Fair article. Even if you took everything he said as Gospel truth, it adds up to the Palins being a typical American family.

The husband and wife fought? No. That never happens, etc... LOL!