Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Want to Own Sarah and Todd's Old Ford Truck?

From the Alaska Dispatch:

Cruising around Wasilla in an old Ford pickup with Sarah Palin at your side -- it's a fantasy that's out of reach for everyone but Todd and maybe Greta Van Susteren. But if you've got a few grand lying around, you can own the Palin family's old truck (sans Sarah).

Adam Thomas, who bought the 1979 Ford F250 from the Palins about two years ago, put the truck up on Craigslist late last month to try and raise some cash to pay off bills and go visit his grandfather.

When Thomas bought the truck, the fact that Todd and Sarah's names were on the title was a major selling point.

"That was one of the main reasons -- I liked the truck, saw it was theirs, and said ‘I gotta have it,'" Thomas said.

Since he bought the truck from a Park & Sell in Wasilla, though, he didn't have the pleasure of handing the check over to Sarah or Todd personally.

"Sadly, I didn't buy it directly from them," Thomas said.

Thomas was asking $5,500 when he first put the ad up, but he's dropped it to $4,800 since then. That's what he paid for the truck when he bought it.

Thomas, who installs gym floors for a living, figures the truck is worth a little more given its impressive pedigree.

Here's the listing on Craigslist if anyone's interested.

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