Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Todd Palin in the Arctic Man Race

Todd Palin's going to try the Arctic Man race this April. From The Hill:

Now in its 25th year, Arctic Man is a race that pairs a skier and a snow machine racer for what looks a lot like waterskiing in the snow. The skier races down a mountain, links up with a snow machine, the machine pulls the skier at speeds up to 80 miles per hour up a slope, and then the skier races down to a finish line. With no shortage of danger, little wonder it’s one of the most popular events all year in the rugged northernmost state....

Held high in the Hoodoo Mountains south of Fairbanks, the course is accessible to spectators only by snow machine. But that doesn’t stop more than 13,000 Alaskans from attending, making the race grounds, temporarily, the fifth largest “city” in the entire state...

Todd Palin will race with his partner, four-time Arctic Man ski champ Peter Kakes. Sarah Palin is expected to be in the snowy stands.

It's actually spelled "Petr" Kakes. See the Arctic Man website.

Here's a vid someone put together of last year's Arctic Man:

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