Friday, May 21, 2010

Palin in Idaho

Some news from today's Vaughn Ward event.

Report from KTVB:

Ward introduced Palin on Friday and said and her family arrived on time in Boise, but unfortunately their bags did not and the rally started about 30 minutes late.

When Palin took the podium, she addressed the setback in a tie-dyed blue top and a knee-length black skirt.

"We flew through the night and this morning my luggage didn't arrive. So about an hour ago, I was sitting backstage in sweats and tennis shoes and man, this is just so me. I'm in borrowed clothes, again... I appreciate the borrowed clothes though, this is nice," said Palin.

However, Mike Tracy, a spokesperson for Vaughn Ward, says clothes were purchased for Palin by a volunteer in the amount of $298.50. Tracy says Palin personally reimbursed the volunteer in that amount.

A gallery of sorts and video here. Raw video of the whole speech is here.

Interesting tidbits:
“She is exactly like you would think she would be,” said District 10 Sen. John McGee, who warmed up the Vaughn Ward faithful prior to the speech. “She’s very folksy and down to earth.”

McGee and his wife are expecting their second baby in a few months, and all Sarah and Todd Palin wanted to hear about was the pregnancy and when the baby was due, McGee said...

The second interesting part was when Palin brought up Minnick, by name, blessing his heart and saying: “Walt, it’s who you’re hanging with, man.”

The Idaho Conservative Blogger was there:

Interesting though, Before Ward or Palin took the stage long time Idaho Politico Pete Cenarrusa led the pledge of allegiance. I found it disappointing that some of the print press did not stand up or even join in during the pledge. More shocking was during the opening prayer many did not bow their heads and were typing. Sad, I guess I should not be surprised. But, I was uncomfortable sharing the table...

Ward did not speak other than to introduce Palin and the crowd went wild!

Here are some of the quotes I tweeted during her speech.

“Beware the Left plays dirty, I know this from experience.”

“Ward is not a carpetbagger. 4 generations of family are in Idaho.”

“Repeal and replace the health care bill.”

“I know Idahoans proudly cling to our guns and religion.” To huge applause.

“America wants and deserves better leadership, this is a Mr. Ward goes to Washington moment.”

“Wards a former Ram-jam.”

“Ward understands letting the private sector grow without govt interference.”

“We don't need people who apologize for America in Washington DC.”

Palin told a funny story that just an hour before she took the stage she was sitting backstage in sweat pants because the airline lost her luggage. She said she was wearing barrowed clothes. She said, “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

All and all a good time and the audience loved Palin. I wonder if she was able to change any undecided minds in the audience. My gut tells me, if there were any undecided in the audience she very well could have. This is a race again, Tuesday will be interesting.

Oh, BTW, All the press about Palin protesters…..I saw 3 people. Hmm.

Another report here.

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