Monday, May 17, 2010

Seriously, Joe?

This piece by Joseph Farah is just the latest in the ridiculousness from some on the Right when it comes to Sarah Palin:
It's easy to get discouraged by some of the big-name, media frontrunners.

I'm concerned, for instance, about Sarah Palin's eagerness to endorse John McCain in his Arizona primary race versus the clearly better J.D. Hayworth. I'm also concerned about Palin's decision to endorse Carly Fiorina over the clearly superior Chuck DeVore in California. I also worry about her squishiness on illegal immigration.....

If we had to vote today for president and vice president and could choose anyone for those positions, I can tell you who would get my write-in votes – Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Okay. Piece by piece.

1 - Who cares what Joe Farah thinks anyway? Nobody, but since there are others who think like him, I shall keep going.

2 - John McCain.

McCain is most likely going to win. McCain will be a valuable ally against Mitt Romney. McCain, for all of his obvious faults, is good on about half of the issues, especially foreign policy. And like it or not, John McCain has been one of the big media voices out there lately supporting things like the new Arizona law. He still has appeal with the middle.

Now, is he sincere? Not likely. But that's for the voters of Arizona to decide.

The McCain endorsement was done out of loyalty and because Palin promised to stump for McCain long before JD Hayworth jumped into the race.

Palin supporters are not zombies. A good many Palin supporters are also big JD supporters. All reasonable conservatives understand Palin's reasons and have moved on. It only bugs those who lack the ability to see beyond the end of their nose.

Mark Levin was one of the first ever to get behind JD Hayworth. And even he gets it:

3 - Fiorina.

Carly Fiorina is not a RINO. Shut up, DeVore supporters. I know you're all bitter because Palin didn't endorse your guy. That's fine. I can understand that. But don't spread around garbage like Carly isn't really pro-life.

Sarah Palin endorsed Carly because Tom Campbell is the real RINO in the race and he's LEADING! Carly is number two. Could Palin have endorsed the guy in third place? Sure. Would it have been enough to get him to overtake both Carly and Tom?


I appreciate that some of you think that Sarah Palin can work absolute miracles, but contrary to popular belief, she is not actually Wonder Woman. I think that Erik of Red State's proposal is a pretty good one for Chuck supporters. If Chuck's not looking like he can beat Campbell by a certain date, rally behind Carly because anybody's better than Tom. Santorum outlines some of the rationale:

Christie in New Jersey was seen as a slight RINO while he was running for Governor of New Jersey. He is now kicking butt. Listen to this interview and tell me that Carly does not sound good:

If that's a RINO, then so am I.

If you want a politician that you agree with 100%, you're just going to have to run for office yourself, because that's the only way it will happen.

Perhaps Joe might also remember that Reagan endorsed people who were far more liberal than anyone Sarah has backed so far. Joe, is it too much to ask that you think about these things rationally, like an adult?

If Chuck is still sagging in the polls come election time, go ahead and vote for him if you want to. But don't come cryin' to me when Campbell loses to Boxer in the general election.

4. Squishy?

I'm sorry, but Palin was the one major GOP player who personally stood beside the Governor of Arizona backing the Arizona law and co-founded a website and Facebook page in support of it. Not sure where you're getting "squishy" from, Joe. Perhaps the 2008 campaign when she was supposed to parrot McCain?

Well, it looks like McCain is now parroting her.

And might I remind you that Ronald Reagan pushed though amnesty?

And, uh, yeah. Speaking of squishy...

I had to. :)

5. Bachmann and DeMint.

Good people. But it would never happen. And personally, I don't like their lack of executive experience. We need 'em in Congress.


Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

Uffda--Great work! :) I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all your posts and all of your work with the audio clips!

Uffda said...

Danke shen.

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Great post, Uffda.

Did you email it to WND?

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Please do.

Or post their emails, so I can ... :)

Alaska Shrugs said...

Uffda- Great post. Especially the Prager/Carly interview.