Sunday, May 16, 2010

Palin Stumps for Susana Martinez

Article in the New Mexico Independent:

On the same day the Albuquerque Journal released a poll showing Martinez in a virtual tie with Allen Weh, the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate offered her support to Martinez.

“I love that poll today that was released!” Palin told a crowd of several hundred gathered at an Albuquerque hotel. ”The wind is at her back. We need to surge forward!”

The former Alaska governor mentioned Martinez’ major competitor again, saying “Allen Weh. We appreciate his service to the country and the contributions he has made, but I’m telling you, we’re backing a winner here.”

In a speech that hit on many Republican tent pole issues, Palin highlighted three major issues in New Mexico, ethics reform, the budget and corruption.

For the crowd, the event was not only a chance to hear Palin, but to also to find out more about Martinez, the Doña Ana County District Attorney, who was dismissed as a “regional candidate” earlier in the race.

“I’ll just judge each candidate,” Roger Pimkins told The Independent. Pimkins said he’s undecided between Martinez and Weh. He said while it’s nice to hear from Palin, her appearance wouldn’t affect his decision when has casts his ballot.

His friends might not feel the same way, though. Pimkins said many of them could be swayed by Palin’s endorsement. ”To a lot of them it’s played a big role,” he said....

Voter Elizabeth Olson agreed. ”Not that she (Palin) will be the one to carry her (Martinez) totally, but I’m sure it will help.”

Both Palin and Martinez spent plenty of time with the crowd after their speeches, and attendees’ eagerness to meet Palin, have their photos taken with her and get her autograph, showed she has plenty of support in Albuquerque....

“This is sort of a two edged sword when we show up here,” Palin told the crowd she’d said to Martinez. “Holy moly the press is going to come after you.”

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