Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shannyn Moore Hits a New Low

You know you're discovered a layer beneath "low" when you use a funeral as an excuse to trash Sarah Palin.

Shannyn Moore apparently thinks it's appropriate to dig up the corpse of Wally Hickel and bash Sarah Palin over the head with it. This somehow honors Wally in her twisted little mind.

It's too bad Shannyn feels the need to use an event like a funeral mass to feed her Palin-hating addiction. I love how she's all like, "Palin's so divisive, blah, blah, blah, so unlike Wally...." Earth to Shannyn! You're using a man's funeral as fodder for a divisive political column. Hello! Pot to kettle much?

What sparked this outrage?

Sarah, Todd, and Piper went and paid their respects, along with many other Alaskans, at a mass for Wally Hickel yesterday. Predictably, Shannyn sees Piper as a "human shield." Oh, and she gets Piper's age wrong. Piper is nine years old, not eight.

I pity the Palin-haters. I really do. I don't know what kind of twisted mind can seriously see anything negative in a nine-year-old girl accompanying her mother and father to a funeral. Didn't your parents ever take you to a funeral?

The hater's parents must have never taken them anywhere. They must have been horribly neglected children.

As for Wally's falling out with Palin, I don't blame either one of them, really. They each went the way they thought they had to go. I think that Wally was wrong about some things, but I have nothing against the man. I had nothing against him. Let him rest in peace. For Shannyn to even write an article making his remarkable life all about his split with Sarah is such a disservice.

So, how exactly did Sarah "crash the funeral"? Someone who attended the event tells us what happened:
Todd, Sarah and Piper attended Wally Hickel's funeral last night here in Anchorage. I noticed that Frank and Lisa M, Sen Begich. Mayor Sullivan and other dignitaries sat up front but the Palins unobtrusively sat at the back of the room - many of the guests probably didn't know they were there.

I have heard that Sarah and Wally were in contact last fall and had a reconciliation of sorts. I know Wally still thought that she had not done as he wished to some extent - but that's life.
Oh, wow. Yeah, she really crashed that funeral. (chuckle) She probably couldn't have been more inconspicuous if she had tried. I'm not sure if she and Wally actually reconciled or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Here was Sarah's statement (not sure if she spoke or if she just said this to reporters):
"Our state has lost a great leader. What he has left behind will have changed all of our lives, and he spoke so often about energy and security, and energy and prosperity and the nation, and we must not forget that."
Wow. How hateful. I can totally see why Shannyn felt the need to use Hickel's funeral to further her own political agenda.

Remember when Sarah sent out a tweet for Wally and Geoffrey Dunn was like, "What, that's it? Just a tweet?"

Trust me, if Sarah had not attended or had said nothing at all about Hickel yesterday, Shannyn would be screaming, "See how horrible she is! An icon, a founding father of Alaska died and she doesn't care! She's a horrible witch!"

The Sarah Palin she hates doesn't even exist. She fears a Palin of her own mental making. And she trashes that mental image because without it she'd be nothing.

Without Sarah Palin the haters are irrelevant. Nobody cares otherwise about anything they have to say.


Patrick S. Adams said...

Anyone who quotes a dead man to smear Sarah Palin is a pathetic piece of trash.

Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

Well said, Uffda!

Bill589 said...

I never care what Palin-haters say anymore. They’re always hating. Anything Sarah does is just a new opportunity to distort and rant.

On a happier note, I think people are generally smarter than these haters think. Their lies worked great for a while. Maybe less now.

Recently I’ve run in to three separate people I haven’t seen in a while. They each hated Sarah last summer/fall. To quote one, “I hate that woman.” Not much grey area there. And they’d list every reason Keith Doberman would tell you.

All three now see the LSM was making stuff up about her, and think she may be a decent person. Not exactly fans, but no more hate. (Probably no more msnbc either.)

Uffda said...

Wow. I can't believe you guys actually read that. :)

Greg said...

I stopped reading anything by Moore last year after she had the big story about how people turned their backs to Palin during a Memorial Day event, because, according to Moore, they were shocked at the length of Palin's skirt. Of course, no one else witnessed this back turning event, it was just some warped figment of Moore's imagination. After that non-event, Moore went on a spree of following Palin around and taking pictures of her legs. That's the real measure of Moore's mental status.

Anonymous said...

Shannyn Moore NEVER took pictures of Sarah Palin's legs...you have your bloggers confused.

Sarah Palin is a racist. Those that follow her are RACISTS!

She doesn't deserve to be among Alaska's ex governors. She didn't quit to take a higher office. She quit for a paycheck. No one wears a bright red dress with a silver shimmering coat to a funeral. How tacky. Piper was used as a prop like all her kids. Piper was indeed a human shield...

Get over your adoration of the train wreck that is Sarah Palin...

Hefmier said...

WOW!!!!! Anon @ 1:45PM. Just WOW!!!

I did not realize that you knew me very well. I am a racist??!! I thought that I liked non-White people. Show me the proof that I, Hefmier, a huge Palin admirer, am a racist. Show me the proof!!! I would LOVE to see what you dig up.
Also, show us the proof that Sarah is a racist, and no, Anon. her forgeting to declare the Juneteenth Celebration in 07', does not count.

Hefmier said...
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Hefmier said...

I shared this at another web-site>
I lost my paternal grandmother when I was 9 years old. Not only did I go to the funeral and gravesite service, I also attended the viewing of my grandmother's body. As a 9 year old, it was uncomfortable, yet imperitive, to experience such things. A child eventually needs to experience such things, and I see absolutely nothing wrong in seeing Sarah and Todd brining Piper to the funeral. It sounds like that Shannyn Moore never attended any funerals as a child, if she is going to complain about Piper attending the funeral. If Piper was supposed to stay away from the funeral, then Wally's youngest of descendents should have stayed away as well.

Greg said...

I have a feeling that anon is none other than Shannyn Moore, one of the biggest liars on the net. She got booted off C4P earlier today, so it's no surprise that she would show up here. Just goes to show you her mental status, name-calling, lying, you name it, Shannyn Moore needs to check herself into a mental health facility.

Jesse Cornish is a An Impotent Weirdo said...
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