Monday, October 26, 2009

Only Sarah Palin Can Beat Barack Obama

We have to fight fire with fire. Nobody else can rival Obama for star power and grassroots committment. Obama is an unconventional politician; Sarah Palin is an unconventional politician. You're not going to pit a Romney against the Chicago Machine and get anywhere. You're sure not going to get anywhere with a Huckabee or a Pawlenty. Palin is the only real chance. Maybe she won't be able to pull it off either, but she's the only shot we've got.

Ever since she burst onto the scene in Dayton, Ohio, we have known that she is Obama's rival. The two worldviews of extreme leftism and the philosophies of our founding fathers collide in Obama and Palin. The political world will not be satisifed until these two go head to head and one comes out the final winner.

It's time to decide: will we stay by our founding principles, or abandon them once and for all?

That is the real decision. It was made in part in the election of 2008, although not completely because people didn't really know what they were getting into. By 2012, they will, and we can have the real showdown.

Anything short of that showdown will delay history. Obama vs. Palin - it needs to happen.

We all know this. We knew it on August 29, 2008. That's why the focus was all on Palin. Everybody forgot about John McCain. We all knew instinctively that this hockey mom was Obama's true nemesis. That's why the media and all the big-spending lefties threw all the weight they had into delaying that contest. "Must destroy Sarah Palin! Must not let her go up against The One!"

But they cannot hold back history forever. Something was set in motion in that gymnasium, and it will not be complete until years from now. We know this. We feel it in our inner core. The paradigm has shifted. Everything else is just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with that shift.


max said...

Finally, someone has said it!!!! Sarah Palin is the only real challenger to Obama. She will fight him tooth & nail. Think ACORN or a clone will pull the BS on her as they did on McCain ... not a chance. If Sarah decides to run for President in 2012 & wins, after the path she had to travel, I will rank her as one the top political strategists, leaders of ALL times.

Kelsey said...

And, if she is able to overcome all of those things, what else can they throw at her? If the media is against her all the way, and she triumphs in spite of that, their influence will be nill in her actual Presidency. Because people will have already made up their mind who to believe.

Hutch said...

You have expressed my thoughts EXACTLY!
I, like you, jumped into the air cheering with tears streaming down my face when I saw that screen scroll when she was announced. I had been praying for JM to choose her. I felt he would, but feared he would not. I was exhuberant [sp?] all day at work. Ran around telling everyone about her and winning them over. Of course no one knew anything about her.

I, like you, didn't know a whole lot about her [about a month before the pick] but just 'knew' that she was what our country needed. Still believe that with ever fiber in my being! As you said it is the battle that needs to take place. She [we] must win that battle.

Just discovered your website. I love your attitude, perspective, wit, and writing style. Thanks for your efforts.