Saturday, February 13, 2010

America's Iron Lady

This article was just too good to pass up. From the Herald in Scotland:

The camera can be such a liar.

Sarah Palin has been mocked for having “budget cuts” and “lift American spirits” scrawled on her hand as aides memoires. Closer examination, however, has revealed the notes carried essential safety information: “Walk. Chew gum. Walk. Chew gum ...”

It’s easy to poke fun at Palin. Even the White House has been at it, with press secretary Robert Gibbs doing his own version of the “hillbilly palm pilot”. On his hand was written: “Eggs, milk, bread” – no sexism there, boys – “hope, change”.

You might think an administration presiding over a $1.3 trillion deficit would have better things to do, but there’s something about Palin that ensures she’s never far from their thoughts. Something to do with a bid for the presidency in 2012?

Palin is not the most eloquent of speakers (her catchphrase is “You betcha!”), but she can still hit the Obama administration where it hurts. “How is all that hopey-changey stuff working out for ya?” is her current question to audiences.

Palin is the stuff of liberal America’s nightmares on several fronts. She’s a woman, which means she can be roughed up politically, but personally the gloves must stay on. And the woman she calls to mind among American voters is Margaret Thatcher, another big plus.

Besides her access to voters via Fox News, there’s her fearlessness. Pilloried from the moment she arrived on the McCain ticket, she keeps bouncing back. Her response to the latest White House jibe was to write “Hi Mom!” on her hand.

This isn’t a normal politician. This is Godzilla in heels.

At the back of liberal minds is the fear that Palin will slip through to the presidency. They laughed at Reagan and Bush Jr. too, remember? She has a year to brush up her act, a long time in politics. Watch that space between her ears: it’s filling up fast.

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