Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Videos on Palin's TPNC speech, among other things. First up, my favorite of the day, Sean Hannity:

Mark Levin. I posted this once already, but that was through Blogger because You Tube was being dumb:

Here's Laura, who, in some ways, still doesn't get it. But it's pretty good:

And finally, here's Glenn Beck on Palin's endorsement of Rand Paul:

I don't agree with Glenn on this one. I don't agree with Rand on everything, but he's solid on most things, and he's not as radical as his father is on defense. Read his defense platform here. Video there too.

Also, the nation will probably be passing some kind of health care reform, whether it's Obama's or someone else's. Rand Paul's background in medicine could be a huge asset to that debate. And Glenn, not all of the founding fathers believed the same thing. A few of the founders actually had feuds with each other. Alexander Hamilton practically favored a monarchy, for Pete's sake. Methinks your view of American history is too simplistic, Glenn. I tend to side with Mark Levin over you on some of these issues these days. For more on the founders, see my previous post here.

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