Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vids and Ceremonial Bannings

First up, Tammy Bruce had a sensational program yesterday. There's five parts. They should play after each other automatically:

And here's Rush Limbaugh today talking about Palin's palm and the polls:

And now on to the fun stuff.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my first banning. I'm putting on my figurative ceremonial banning hat for this one. It's very stylish.

I was going to let the little fellow stay and have his fun, but then I thought about how cruel that really was. Here's a person who obviously has nothing better to do than hang around websites that he/she/it doesn't even like and spew meaningless Palin-hating talking points gleaned from the Underworld at someone that is small potatoes to say the least. Not much of a life. I must help this poor soul get that life he/she/it is obviously sorely lacking.

So, in the spirit of human decency, I must push this little scumbirdie out of my nest. You know who you are. From here on, all of your comments will be deleted. Your past comments have already been deleted. It is as if you never existed, at least, not in my universe. I suggest you take advantage of this opportunity to expand beyond your hatred and do something productive with your life.

As for my blog, consider yourself blacklisted, extinct, banished, barred, disallowed, excluded, or (my personal favorite) gone poof. It was nice knowin' ya.


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