Thursday, February 11, 2010

Palin in Salina, and Other Things... UPDATE: A Retraction

Short video of Salina Chamber of Commerce event:

I also just wanted to say a quick word on Michelle Obama being asked about Palin. I think that the First Lady handled it well. Most importantly, she avoided the trap of smearing Sarah Palin. Her remarks were well-put. I don't know if they were genuine, but it was the smart thing to do. An attack on Palin would have resulted in a huge backlash.

And Sean Hannity talked to John McCain last night. McCain said that the attacks on Palin hurt and baffled him and he couldn't hardly talk about it.

Okay, I'm starting to lean toward supporting John McCain's reelection. Given what I now know about Hayworth and the fact that (while I most certainly do not agree with John McCain on everything) McCain does have seniority in the Senate and is good on foreign policy, his pros may just outweigh his cons. But is he sincere in his defense of Palin? I'm still waiting to hear him publicly tell Steve Schmidt to shut his piehole.

One more thing, Gryphen and his cohorts have finally discovered this email. I saw it a days ago, but apparently, they're a little slow over there. It appears that Todd Palin (or someone using Todd's email account) replied to a letter to the Governor (from a private citizen) and signed it: "Governor Sarah Palin." Todd's email address stands for IronDogger. The "fe" is for iron and "k9" is dog. I think his license plate had a similar inscription.

Apparently, it's a Class B misdemeanor to impersonate a public servant. Whether this would qualify as that, or if there's another explanation, I don't know. Is it impersonating a public servant when a member of the Governor's staff writes up a thank you card or a letter and the Governor puts her name on it? No idea. Just a heads up.


If you saw a post earlier saying that the judge granted Bristol her request for interim child support, I re-read the court documents and I noticed that the motion hasn't actually been signed, so I think I jumped the gun on that one. Sorry about that. I didn't notice the lack of signature the first time, so I took down the post.

To summarize the points that aren't gun-jumping, Bristol is asking for $1,750 a month in child support, at least for the interim until a final child support agreement is drawn up. She's also asking for retroactive child support. Levi has agreed to pay a %20 chunk of his 2009 income in one lump payment, if need be, which would probably actually exceed what Bristol's asking for.

Levi pushed back at Bristol's demand for $1,750 a month in child support, saying that he has no guarantee for the kind of big money he made last year this year. He's got a point there, but he's still trying to break into show business. His lawyer argues that Levi never made more than $10,000 a year before 2009. Well, duh. He was in high school.

He's lined up around $25,000 dollars worth for this coming year, plus some other stuff from Playgirl. But he has said he's willing to pay a 20% chunk of the 2009 income in one lump sum.

Bristol's response is here. Her request for the $1,750 a month is for interim child support, which is reasonable. She wants Tripp's due chunk of Levi's 2009 income. I'm not an expert on all the lawyer lingo, but it looks like Levi hasn't filled out certain papers on his income, so they're kind of in a limbo.

Levi's partial objections here. Bristol's response is here. Bristol's lawyer gave this exclusive statement to RadarOnline:
"Bristol is hopeful that Levi will obtain work in 2010. She is encouraged that he acknowledged in court his obligation to pay child support and that he acknowledged paying $4,400 in the last 14 months. Bristol expects to mediate a child visitation schedule with Levi that balances Tripp's need to be with his father with Levi's need to travel and seek work."
And it looks like the rumors flying around that Levi was going to play a "boy toy" on Desperate Housewives were only rumors. Access Hollywood is reporting that the Levi camp denounced it. So maybe Levi's still got a shred of self-respect.

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