Friday, March 12, 2010

Bart and Huck

Bart Stupak is a hero. I respect him in this healthcare fight more than I respect anyone else.

He is a Democrat. He also supports the health care bill in theory. But he is pro-life and absolutely refuses to support the bill if it includes any public funding of abortion.

He's in the pressure-cooker. In the end, he and his colleagues may be the ones who will prevent the passage of this bill.

Maybe he'll cave to the pressure. Maybe he'll end up believing some promise from the Democrat leadership, but I hope not. I may not agree with the man on everything, but he clearly stands by his principles, and I can respect that.

As for Huckabee, I must admit, I voted for him in the 2008 primary. McCain didn't thrill me and Romney creeped me out and struck me as fake so....Huck it was. He went to Fox and I haven't cared for him since. He's limp as a dishrag.

Anyway, he had this to say at an event recently:
"I'm not sure I'm in a place in my life, personally, that I can afford to take off two years and not have an income."
I'm not convinced that Huck isn't going to run, but his statement sheds light on yet another reason why it's essential for Palin to rake in the dough right now. I don't think she's decided to run yet either, and in the end she may decide she can be more effective elsewhere, but if she does run she and her family are going to be living off of the money she's making now. Not to mention future savings for Trig and possibly some extra war chest funds to fall back on.

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