Friday, March 12, 2010

Palin in Florida

Sarah Palin spoke at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Orange County tonight. The event was mainly to raise money for the Republican Party in that region. The organizers estimate that they raised around $110,000.

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Write-up here:

She repeatedly referred to getting caught with the notes written on her palm at a speech last month. She went one-by-one through each of the thoughts she said she jotted down: energy, tax cuts and lifting the American spirit.

In an obvious shot at President Barack Obama, she said she was "Busted for using a poor man's TelePrompTer. I was just kicking it old school. It's the way we used to do it."

And she was clearly disgusted with the media for making a big deal of it, saying, "Nothing should surprise you with the media anymore. The media is broken."

Same goes for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, who wrote the words "hope" and "change" on his hand as he started a daily briefing after the Palin incident. Palin noted Gibbs' action with a "C'mon guys" and said the country has high unemployment, a poor economy and is at war.

"You have nothing better to concentrate on?" she said. "Quit disrespecting the wisdom of the American people...."

"Energy touches every one of our challenges, from the values of our paychecks to our nation's interest abroad," she said, adding that she's in favor of renewable energy, but it will take decades for the nation to rely on them and the country needs an all-of-the-above approach now.

"It's about time that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress start listening to the people," she said. "Let's drill here and drill now and tap our proven U.S. domestic supplies ... Bottom line: there's nothing stopping us from achieving energy independence that a good old fashioned election can't fix."

She took aim at Alan Grayson too, the "Republicans want you to die quickly" clown. Well, Grayson, you don't want people to be born in the first place (those are my words, not hers).

Various "tweets" from here, here, here, here, and here:

She's pretty funny, down to earth, joking about notes on her palm.

Palin jogged thru Hunters Creek!

Talking about firing the chosen ones.

Americans know better, and we're not taking it anymore!

People don't want "european-style obamacare". We "want solutions that are uniquely American...that reflect our values"

Palin is explaining the teaparty people to this room full of republicans.

Palin says we don't want the DC planned Utopia and we've got 235 days to vote them OUT!!!!

Palin's speech is centered around what was written on her hand! Awesome!

We can't afford any more of this...we are headed to insolvency...we just have to hang on until November.

Spending freeze isn't enough, "that's like putting a bandaid on a self inflicted gunshot wound" Need comprehensive tax cuts.

Biggest commodity that DC is lacking: Common Sense.

Palin says that ppl like @reppaulryan have proposed solutions!

Fight hard against Grayson for the rest of the country.

We swept out corruption in Alaska and created a competitive buisness environment!

All of the above approach for energy policy is the only way!

Media let's Obama get away with pinning problems on Bush.

We will take back Congress in 2010 and the Whitehouse in 2012!

We still believe that America is acceptional [sic].

First real test will be the ballot box next Nov!

Stick by your principles and stick by your guns and we shall win! God Bless you and God Bless Florida!

Angie Langley on stage now.She's the woman who dared to criticize Alan Grayson w/her site

Amen! Angela says we want Alan Grayson to 'die quickly!'

(Alternate version) - Angie Langly- my congressman is nuts! Speaking at Palin Lincoln Dinner! 'We want @alangrayson term to end quickly!'

Sing to the tune of 'Annie' now: 'November, November, you're only 8 months away!'

Some cute little girl is singing "the sun will come out in november!". Haha awesome.

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