Friday, March 12, 2010

I Don't Get the Romney-love

Mitt Romney is a liberal. Period. End of story. He can go out there and plug his book about no apologies, blah, blah, blah.

He's still a liberal.

David Frum (who is an idiot anyway) is out there praising Romney. Why? I cannot imagine. Must be a man crush.

Mitt Romney is a liberal. He set up a health care system in Massachusetts that is essentially Obamacare 1.0. And now he's out there defending it.

He claims that he is now pro-life and that his Romneycare system is pro-life, yet the system pays for abortions.

Via the American Thinker :

Romney shares another commonality with Obama: He's a liberal in his party masquerading as something more palatable. Yes, sugar and spice and dealing the deck twice, that's what little politicians are made of...

Of course, Romney says that his views have "evolved." But I strongly suspect his adaptation relates more to the evolution of political ambitions than that of conscience. Call me cynical, but unless you've been cloistered in an ancient monastery for the duration, I'm very suspicious of deep personal growth occurring between ages 55 and 59...

To justify his socialist brainchild, Romney uses the argument that it is no different from requiring people to carry car insurance. Ah, speciousness, thy name is Romney. Mr. Governor, you can choose not to own a car.

Everyone must have a body.

But remember this when Romney touts his credentials as a fiscal conservative. While he may boast of his steadfast refusal to raise taxes, it rings hollow when he turns around and mandates citizen expenditures and levies fines. But liberals are adept at revenue-raising sleight-of-hand; when another tax increase would raise voter ire, they simply deem it a toll, fine, fee or, I love this one, a "surcharge." I prefer honest theft myself.

Mitt Romney's words mean nothing. His actions speak louder.

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