Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crazy Nut Job and Horrible Governor Wouldn't Vote for Palin....Tragic

Yeah, that Sarah Palin...she's nuts!

Jesse Crazy-Pants was out plugging his book today and couldn't resist a couple of shots at Palin:
"She told the people of Alaska she wanted to be their governor and then halfway through her term she decides it's not her cup of tea anymore?''
Okay, putting aside that Ventura is a freak, let's address this issue.

By the standards that Jesse just laid out, Napolitano and any other politician who has ever left one office for another is a quitter too, because halfway through their term they decided that their current office (that they told their constituents they wanted to be in) wasn't their cup of tea anymore. They decided to leave it for bigger and better things and abandon their constituents.

Like Palin said in this clip, it's accepted to leave office for a higher political position, it's not so accepted to leave it to be able to fight as a private citizen -

Now, enough of giving Jesse any kind of legitimacy. Let us join Laura in mocking the freak:

And here's a nice flashback to April of 2008. Jesse is crazy:


Anonymous said...

RE: The Telegraph

Bug Retracto, the Correction Alpaca on twitter. It worked last time with the scumbags at E!

Uffda said...

I did. Don't know if that's what did it or not, but check it out -


New headline. No "free."

Greg said...

When Ventura was governor he was always complaining about the press coverage of his family, particularly his teenage son, who held wild parties at the governors mansion which resulted in a lot of damage to state property. Ventura frequently threatened to resign. He didn't resign, but he did decline to run for reeletion, because he knew he would lose.

I'd put my money on Palin if she and Ventura were dropped off in the wilderness as part of a survival test.