Friday, March 12, 2010

Lunch With Sarah and Michelle

Ilana Angel has written another piece asking some questions and calling for a time out:

I have questions I want answered. If anyone has can answer them for me, please do. It’s important to note that I am not interested in opinions. Opinions are what got us into this mess. I want answers. I want to know when we decided as a nation, that it was ok to not be decent to each other.

I want to understand how it is possible that just because a woman has different opinions than you, she can be compared to Hitler....

When did labeling something, or someone, fascist, become a blanket statement for things that liberals don’t like? When did liberals become so intolerant and mean spirited? When did conservatives become labeled as the devil for having an opinion that differed from the liberals? When did every difference of opinion, need to be a fight?

When did we start labeling each other a liberal or conservative, rather than just American? When did it become dangerous to talk about politics or religion? When did it become acceptable to call each other fat, stupid, ugly, slut, gay, or retarded?...

Human beings are capable of sitting in a room, and having a million things to talk about, without ever mentioning religion or politics. You can have a meal with someone, without having to discuss their sexual orientation, banking statements, age, race or weight.

Adolf Hitler murdered eleven million people. Six million Jews, and five million additional minorities, including blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, and Jehovah Witnesses. For no reason. He may be responsible for killing the person who could have perhaps discovered the cure for cancer, or who could have taught us to be kind.

Hitler altered the history of the world by being evil. I want to know how any sane person can make a comparison between this disgusting man, and Sarah Palin. How is possible that anyone would think it is okay to align this woman with a monster, for no other reason than they don’t agree with her? What is everyone so scared of?

My worldview has forever been changed, by simply running into a woman on the street, and having a conversation. Even though everything changed for me when I met her, this is so much bigger than Sarah Palin and her politics. At the end of the day, this has nothing at all to do with Mrs. Palin. We can’t blame her for everything that is wrong with this country.

We need a grand gesture from the people at the top. I turn to you Michelle Obama. You are a hero to me. Not because you are a Democrat, or because you are married to the President and live in the White House. I admire you because as a single mother, who sacrifices everything for my child, your devotion to your family is inspiring.

Let’s have lunch. You, Sarah Palin, and me. Let’s talk about our kids, clothes, shoes, the weather, and the dog. Let’s put aside all the things that make us different, and talk about the million things that connect us. Let’s be grown ups, let’s be ladies, let’s have lunch. You can send a message to the country that we must be decent.

Let’s invite amazing woman from across America to join us. Let’s start talking to with other, not at each other. Let’s leave politics to the politicians, and religion to our clergy. Let’s believe whatever we want. Let’s love whomever we want. Let’s be decent and respectful human beings, by allowing everyone to believe, and worship, whatever they want....

I like this comment on that article:

Oh, Ilana, haven’t you learned by now? The moment you said something nice about Sarah Palin is the moment you became a target.

I am one of those Democrats who support Sarah Palin because she appears to be the only leader in America who has consistently stood up to schemes and rackets benefiting organized crime in the federal government, both sides of the aisle.

Also, since I’m pro-choice, I can live with her Constitutionalist view that abortion should not be made illegal, but should be an issue decided by individual states...

So while I’m waiting for the DNC to become legit again (please tell President until he fires Emanuel (and his brother Dr. Death, the healthcare czar) and Axelrod it is impossible for us to have any faith in his administration as anything other than an outpost for Chicago organized crime) I am listening to Sarah Palin closely to identify the compromised parts of Washington....

I had hoped Hillary would have been the crimebuster but if Sarah is now all the country has, then more power to her. I’m donating heavily to SarahPAC because I trust her choice in some of these races in November. (I was glad the Democratic Congressional candidate in New York won, because it meant Palin and Forbes had knocked out the Pizza Parlor Mafiosa Princess from the GOP). There are far too many of them.

Anyway, keep up the great work. I think people of all faiths would enjoy your column—and I do hope you’ll do a little more investigation on Palin’s career because it has been so hopelessly distorted. Organizing for America has spent what now, $300,000,000 solely to destroy her?

- LauraVW


I think it's fair to say that I don't agree with Ilana on everything, but I sense no malice in her.

Here's my two cents on the whole "You can't blame Sarah Palin for everything that's wrong in this country":

No you can't. And you can't blame Barack Obama either. Is he to blame for a good portion of what's gone wrong? Yes. More specifically, his philosophy is to blame. But not every stray dog and cat is his fault. And I will confess that it bugs me when some blame every little thing on whoever happens to occupy the Oval Office.

When Bush was President, he was the cause of all evil in the world. Now that Obama is President, it's all his fault.

Obama's made some really stupid decisions this past year, and I do believe that the man is a Marxist. How can he not be a Marxist given his past and the things that he's said? But I do not pick at every little thing he does, and believe me, I could if I wanted to. I don't care what his wife wears. I don't care if she used her experience with her daughter as an example to kick-start her childhood obesity initiatives. I don't care if he puts his feet on his desk. I'm just not into sweating the small stuff.

Maybe some small part of me is still naive.

In the spirit of Ilana's article, I will call a truce for ten seconds and commend the President for donating his Nobel Peace Prize money to worthy causes, especially the one to help wounded soldiers. When I saw that on the news this morning, I was happy.

Now, if we could get him to quit being a Marxist and start following in Reagan's footsteps we'd have a pretty great President.

Here's hopin' that the President will have a change of heart. :)

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