Monday, March 8, 2010

This One's for Kathy Griffin

You all know by now that Kathy Griffin is so pathetic that she can't do any better than a 19 year-old deadbeat dad. I have to say, I don't really care about her slamming Sarah in comedy shows. It's disgusting, but what's more disgusting is that people are willing to pay money to hear that garbage.

Oh, well. I liked what Susan W had to say about this:
Kathy Griffin admits she's obsessed with Sarah...and I honestly feel sorry for her.

She was doing stand-up in Anchorage, and I watched the clip...and half-way through it I was struck by what a sad person Griffin must be on the inside.

And there are so many like her...who feel drawn to Sarah, but channel their attraction through hate.

*The Palin-basher guy on Daily KOS who traveled 6,000 miles to sate his need to see her in person...

*The author of the Palin-bashing book who traveled all the way to Wasilla to leave a "gift" at her home (Track was home).

*David Letterman, Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann...and all the others who can't go a day without hearing her name fall off their own lips.

*Dylan Ratigan (on MSNBC) who seemed spell-bound by the idea that he had been in the same NBC studio when she was filming the Leno Show (though he never got to meet her)

*All the journalists and entertainers who insult her in order to experience the thrill of having THE Sarah Palin respond to their attacks (Bill Maher will have to be admitted to an asylum soon if Sarah does not give him some recognition---he's done nearly everything to get her attention.)

*Kathi Griffin travels to Wasilla and also visits Sarah's house (leaving behind a note for Sarah.)

All these people who hate Sarah...and yet, she's in their head, and you really feel like all they really want, deep, down inside, is for Sarah to give them some motherly love.

How sad and lonely and lost they all must be.
Sniff, sniff.

They're also deranged:

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