Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bill589, This One's For You

Bill589, click here and see if you get anything. Get back to me on it and we'll go from there. Favorite this post. I'll update it with rss feeds of the comments.


Uffda said...

I think I put yesterday's in the wrong post. Sorry. Here's Monday's, 11-2-09:

Monday Open Thread:

Matt Latimer: Princples First:

Ignore and Belittle at your peril:

56% of Conservatives are Repubs:

Pre-election open thread:

The Stupid Party:

Pam Gellar:

Joe Scarborough:


Quit Makin' Things Up:

Responding to Joe Biden:

Uffda said...

Now, I see, I put the same post up twice. I took the other one down, so I stuck Sunday's comments here again, just in case.


Open thread:

Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit:

Hippocratic Oath:

One Nation, Under God:

No, I haven't asked Dagget to drop out of the race:

David Keene:

Scozzafavva endorses democrat:

Mid-Day Open thread:

Rush Limbaugh on Palin:

GOP Kingmaker:

If Hillary were Sarah:

Hoffman primed for victory:

Daggett admits to error:

Uffda said...


Hope you get this.

Is your computer slow? If so, it could take awhile for another link to pop up. I'll come up below the labels and above the "subscribe to post" thingy. Click on that, and you should get a pop-up window with the comments in it. It could take awhile to load, depending on how slow your computer is. On dial-up, I just let it sit for awhile and come back, but it should appear.

Looks like this:

If that doesn't work, I don't know what the problem is.

Uffda said...

Tuesday, Nov 3:

Authentic feminist:

Clean sweep open thread:

Book tour:

Ignore at your peril:

Huckabee ny-23:

President Palin:


Joe Biden:

tuesday open thread:

The cause goes on: