Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Snippets From Book

The Daily Beast has more snippets from Sarah from Alaska. Again, I don't know what's fact and what's fiction; it's fascinating either way:
"McCain's aides literally turned the lights out on Palin when she retook the stage later that night [of the concession] to take pictures with her family, fearing that she would give the concession speech after all.

"Not only was (Palin) denied the opportunity to speak, but there was no real post-campaign celebration with the McCains," the authors write. "Instead, Palin and her entourage accidentally ran into McCain in the parking lot as they were making a quiet exit. McCain's wife Cindy was already in the Chevy suburban when Palin halted them by calling out, 'John, is that you?'"

The Daily Beast was given copies of the speeches Palin could not deliver, concession as well as victory. The victory speech included this line: "And I said to my husband Todd that it's not a step down when he's no longer Alaska's 'First Dude.' He will now be the first guy ever to become the 'Second Dude.'"

Lines from the undelivered concession speech:

“If [Obama] governs America with the skill and grace we have often seen in him, and the greatness of which he is capable, we’re gonna be just fine.”

“Now it is time for us go our way, neither bitter nor vanquished, but instead confident in the knowledge that there will be another day.”

“I told my husband Todd to look at the upside: Now, at least, he can clear his schedule, and get ready for championship title number five in the Iron Dog snow machine race!”

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