Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Loss of Hoffman and Why We Fight

Well, Hoffman lost this round. That's okay. In a day and age when we've had it with both parties trying to strangle our pocketbooks I was just happy to stick it in the GOP's eye.

"Well, maybe Newt was right, now a Democrat has the seat..."

So what? Owens and Dede would have voted the exact same way. At least there was a choice. Did they choose rightly? No, but that's for them to find out.

This is not a fight between parties; it is not a fight between classes or movements; it is a fight between freedom and slavery, between accountablity and government run wild.

This was only the first battle, there will be many more to come. The colonists had to retreat in their first few skirmishes too, ya know;)

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Bill589 said...

Dede would have given the Democrats bipartisanship for Obama’s big government programs. At least we identified and threw out a traitor, and the Democrats won’t be able to point to a “Republican” and say she voted with them.