Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tim Pawlenty - Palin's New John Binkley

Don't know who John Binkley is? You will.

Tim Pawlenty gave a speech in Iowa today on the health care bill:
“We’ve got Congress -- Democratic-controlled Congress -- messing around with a miserable health care bill,” he said. “They should be focused like a laser on jobs, not acting like a manure-spreader in a wind storm.”
Nice. I like it, keep it up.

Now, how does John Binkley fit into all of this? Well, John Binkley was a fellow Republican who ran against Sarah in the primary for Governor of Alaska. Sarah had a fairly consistent message throughout her race, and she was not afraid to point out where she disagreed with the current Governor of that time who was also running in the primary, pretty much always in third place.

Anyway, John Binkley at some point realized that he would have to start slamming Murkowski too, and so he did. Problem was, he was too late; Sarah beat him to that punch. John Binkley seems like he's a nice guy, kinda like Pawlenty. Like Binkley, there's nothing about Pawlenty that I particularly dislike, it's just that he's always about two steps behind Sarah Palin. Why go for the guy who's just doing what the frontrunner is doing?

By the way, Sarah defeated Binkley and Murkowski quite handily.

John Binley sits on the right next to his wife, watching Sarah take on Joe Biden.

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