Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Pro-Life Follow-up

First off, on this comment from Politico: "She then got a standing ovation from most of the crowd, but a few had begun to leave before she even finished and within seconds of her concluding, scores more got up and put on their jackets as they walked away."

Okay, the reason for this is that there were thousands of people there, it was around 9:00 - 9:30 at night, many people (like me) had driven four or five hours to be there, and we wanted to get out of the parking lot before everybody else did. It had nothing to do with not liking what she had to say, only the realization that with the throng around her there was no chance of seeing her anyway, so you might as well hit the door before everyone else. The same thing happened all the time in college - everybody bolted for the door to beat the crowd. Sheesh, Politico, give it a rest.

Also, if memory serves, a couple people may have left before she was done, but where I was, she was done long before anyone started getting up. After her speech, the organizers came on and spoke again, brought out the check, etc.... That's when people started leaving, because they knew it was over.

There are more quotes from Sarah's Milwaukee Pro-life speech here. She did say those things. It fleshes out some of the stuff I paraphrased, like her concerns over the new healthcare bill. I just wasn't able to get everything written down and I can't remember everything. I also remember now that she said things like beware of a philosophy that figuratively and literally throws human beings in the garbage. Turns humans into trash.

As for a couple of the comments I got on my account:

Lynn: I think the kissin' Trig pic I found might have been in Sarah's 2009 calendar.

KaJo: On the gold coin - I have no idea when it happened. My notes were by no means a complete transcript. I was just trying to catch the gist. Not to mention, something like that can be going on for some time in other parts of the country; I'm sure Alaska is a little behind in these things. And how many people really use those gold dollars anyway? I have two and I think they're pretty useless. Unless you get those stupid chain e-mail forwards with those things in it (my mom gets them and is forever sharing - I just delete) you're probably going to be out of that loop. And just to clarify, it didn't sound like she was necessarily accusing any particular person (like Obama) of the change. Bush did a lot I wasn't too happy with, and she also mentioned that it probably wasn't that big of a deal.

On the technician - again, I can't be sure of the exact wording. I know the quote on the boy parts is accurate, but I can't tell you word for word about the neck; it was something like that though. My take on it was that the technician noticed something a little off and so they decided to run tests. It sounds like she was just thinking out loud, not making a diagnosis. I'm going to take that out of my notes on the speech, since I'm not sure of the exact wording and I don't want to cause trouble where there really isn't any. That was a concern when I wrote this up, that I would misconstrue something. I'm actually thinking of taking the post down at some point.

I've also just been informed that KaJo is a Trig Truther. Expect my comments to show up on some anti-Palin websites completely spun out of context.


Anonymous said...


KaJo is a scumbag trig truther that was banned from C4P way back when it was just JR, RAM, and Tim.

Ignore that freak.

Uffda said...

Well, thanks for that info. Still, I do have a concern about being accurate, for the very reason that trolls will spin it whatever way they please.

Anonymous said...

The trig truther, KaJo, also seems to have been reading Jonathan "Unsaid But Implied" Martin from politico. You might remember Martin. He's the same ass who made up the "Sarah demanding money from Iowa group" story.

I would like to get your thoughts on the Martin piece. We already have one confirmed lie in his story re: no standing ovation.

HotAir thread on Asshat Martin-

Commentator takes down Martin in TX4P thread-

Here is another piece from a real journalist that exposes Martin for the wormy liar that he his-

Uffda said...

Okay, give me a second. I just put up one thing at the top of the post on the idea that people started streaming out at the end.

Uffda said...

I just put up a review of Martin's article. I can't comment on Hot Air because I'm not registered over there, but feel free to cut and paste.