Sunday, October 18, 2009

Could We Please Quit Telling Sarah Palin What to Do?

After the media went crazy yelling that the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races were going Palin-less, now some on the conservative side are wondering why Palin's not jumping into the NY23 campaign with both feet. Here's an idea: how about we quit telling Sarah what she should and shouldn't do? I'm not going to agree with every move she makes or doesn't make. I don't expect to personally love every candidate she does endorse. If our hopes are accurate, the woman is gearing up for a Presidential campaign while trying to stop health care legislation through her Facebook page. She's busy. I honestly don't expect her to jump into the fray until the Senate races really gear up. If she does jump into this NY campaign, fine. But I'm not going to lose sleep if she doesn't. I'm tired of speculation, and I'm tired of the free advice. Just let the woman do her thing. Thank you.

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