Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eddie Burke: Like Ronald Reagan, Palin Leading the Way

Eddie Burke blogs on Conservative Girl with a Voice:

Like Ronald Before Her, Sarah is Leading the Way!

YAY! Sarah's done it again. Not only is she going to continue Sarah PAC, but she has developed a new political organization, appropriately named "Stand up for our Nation." When I heard Sarah was developing a new political organization, I became so excited because it seems that whatever Sarah does, she does it well. Like many of you, I receive regular emails from "Newsmax." Just yesterday, when I opened up my "Newsmax" email, I was glad they had an article on this. What an amazing thing to set up an organization that according to the site "Texas for Palin," "will work to her advantage because it expands her political options." In true Sarah fashion, she is going to continue to stand up for Americans and for the nation. I couldn't think of a more appropriate title for her new political organization.

"Newsmax" speculates that Sarah's new political organization could be her way of taking another step closer to a 2012 presidential run. I know God has big plans for her, and as she has stated in the past, when God opens a door, she will plow through it. What an amazing philosophy on how to live your life. Sarah is a true blessing and strong woman of faith.

I truly hope Sarah will run in 2012 because she gives me hope like Ronald Reagan gave to so many in the 1980s. I was born in 1981, so I am proud to call myself a "Reagan Baby." While I was only a child throughout Reagan's presidency, I have been brought up with a great love and appreciation for all things Ronald Reagan.

After spending the entire summer reading as many books about Reagan as I could get my hands on, I see in Sarah Palin what so many saw in Ronald Reagan. Sarah is truly a Reagan incarnate. Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin gives me hope that America can once again be that "Shining City on a Hill." And like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin knows that all too often, government is the problem, not the solution. Sarah IS the Ronald Reagan of my generation. Her no-nonsense common sense and sensible ideas make me want to stand up and help her make a difference. Never before have I felt this way, and I know that many of you can relate. My mom and dad feel the same way, and both tell me that not since Reagan have they felt so inspired as when Sarah came on to the national scene.

Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah is a western soul. Although Ronald and Sarah came from different states and grew up under different circumstances, they both share what is important to so many: A deep, abiding faith in God and an intense love for country. Sarah is as hard working as Ronald was, and like Ronald, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. One of the books I read this summer, that I highly recommend, is Peggy Noonan's "When Character was King." I will never forget Noonan's description of how much Ronald Reagan loved his California ranch, and how much he loved to put on a simple pair of jeans and just put his hands in the soil and work. He felt at home on his ranch. This is how Sarah feels about Alaska. While Alaska and California are very different places, the western appeal and love for the outdoors many in each state feel is inescapable. Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah's love for the outdoors has helped shape who she is as an individual.

One of the most fascinating things I loved about Ronald Reagan was his amazing independent streak. I see this same trait abundantly clear and alive in Sarah too, which is so refreshing, not to mention endearing and much-needed in this ever-changing world. Sarah doesn't walk with the Washington herd, which is so appealing especially considering the current state of Washington D.C. When so many are bickering, Sarah, like Ronald before her, is finding the real solutions and actually giving ideas. The folks in D.C. could definitely learn a thing or two from her.

Let me tell you something that really excites me: The folks on "Mainstreet U.S.A." are listening, and more and more people are listening to her everyday. Come election time, they are the individuals who matter.

Ronald Reagan was a true diamond in the ruff, and Sarah Palin is a diamond of the same kind. She is a true gem who, I have no doubt, IS the future of America. Not only is she taking a cue from a great man, but she is leading the way in her effort to restore America, and her PAC as well as her new political organization are two great examples of this. In true Ronald Reagan fashion, Sarah is leading the way to a better, stronger and safer America- You betcha she is!


Bill589 said...

When I first heard her, I thought, “Wow! This woman’s got.... (courage)
What was her name again? Sarah Palin?”
I told my wife, “I’m not going to let myself like her. Nope. I get my hopes up, and they always let me down.” But I was fighting back a smile- I was thinking: She’s Grandpa.
“Don’t worry, Grandpa’s in charge.” My friends and I would affectionately say this about president Reagan if we noticed any problems in the world. It’s that feeling again. We have a leader... that’s our leader... on our side.
She really is, “Of the people, by the people, and for the people.”
She is a brave, smart, exceptional leader.
As a president she will use the right people to accomplish the right things.
I hope that someday we might be inclined to say, if we notice any problems in the world,
“Don’t worry, Sarah’s in charge.”

Uffda said...

I feel the same way. It's really weird. A politician that (dare I say it?) I actually trust.