Sunday, October 18, 2009

SP Video Sunday

I start with a random picture that has nothing to do with the video choice:

I just think it's cute. Why is Todd holding a gnome, you ask? The story is here.

Now, on to the video. This is an interview Sarah Palin gave in her office. It was uploaded August 30, 2008. The information in the video dates it to at least a year earlier (Track had not yet joined the Army) and Progressive Alaska dates the interview at August of 2007.

The interview was conducted by Armstrong Williams. His website is here. It covers a wide range of topics, including how Palin feels about the war in Iraq, being a mom of four (Trig wasn't around yet) while being Governor, what role her faith plays in her life, whether or not the government can create jobs, the candidacy of Barack Obama and advice on how he can counter attacks on his inexperience, and the issues that she deals with in Alaska that are dealt with in other parts of the country.

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