Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GOP Will Follow Its Heart in 2012

An article in response to the Matt Lewis question: Will the GOP choose passion or principle (Palin or Romney) in 2012? A dumb question, since Sarah Palin has both, but I now turn you over to the article:

No matter what kind of gains Republicans make in the midterm elections next year, it’s going to be tough to unseat President Obama—

That's why the GOP is going to choose Sarah Palin, its heart’s preferred candidate, over Mitt Romney, its head’s favorite. Or as Matt Lewis puts it, “If you’re going to lose anyway, is it better to lose atop the horse you really want to ride?”

Republicans have often ended up with two kinds of choices in efforts to unseat Democratic incumbents, Lewis notes for Politics Daily. There’s the “whose-turn-is-it” nominee: Richard Nixon, Bob Dole, John McCain. Then there’s the sacrificial lamb, a la Barry Goldwater. But “Palin is the only potential candidate on the Republican side with star power,” Lewis explains. “It’s hard to quantify that trait, but Reagan had it.”

And in 2012, the GOP might well bet on finding its next Reagan.

I go a step further. Sarah will be the nominee, and she will win.


Bill589 said...

I agree. She’s the one that will win and fix our country.
The president should be the best leader.

You could hire my friend to build a house and she’d do it. She’d contact all the right people, hire all the right people, and organize everything. She knows little about carpentry, plumbing, etc., but the job would be completed well.

It’s that skill that I see so strong in Sarah. (Right after bravery.) When someone says that Mitt is stronger on the economy, or that another with defense, I think “carpenter” or “plumber.”

The job is to be the leader. Sarah will put the right people, in the right places, and accomplish the right goals.

Uffda said...

Good point. There are many different leadership styles. You don't always have to know every detail to get the job done right. And the country goes through phases where it needs one style of leadership over another.