Friday, October 23, 2009

History Repeats Itself: Palin and the Alaska GOP

Let's just say, Palin didn't have the most loving relationship with her own party in Alaska. Yet she still ran as a Republican. This is why I doubt she will run as an Independent for 2012. She may, but she's been a thorn in the party's side before and still ran as an "R." Check out these articles, both from the Alaska Report (now hugely anti-Palin). The first one is about Palin's not-so-warm-and-fuzzy relationship with Rep. Don Young at the Alaska Republican Convention:

The second day of the Alaska Republican Convention had some fireworks - a raging Don Young, a surprise announcement, and a more pregnant-looking Sarah Palin getting multiple standing ovations.

The day started off with a gutsy speech by governor Sarah Palin that went directly after the corruption that has plagued the Republican party in Alaska.

"It's kind of, I think we have to acknowledge, it's sort of the big elephant in the room," Palin aimed at the ethically-challenged party head Randy Ruedrich.... "We can't kid ourselves there has not yet been restoration of the public's confidence in the Republican Party and we have got to do better," Palin said to a rousing applause.

"I think we need to call on all of you assembled delegates to rise and, literally even, stand with me if you desire change in our party's leadership," Palin said as many in the crowd rose to applaud. Don Young sat in his seat with a smirk on his face.

Don Young took the stage after Palin and launched a fiery speech. First up, rip Sarah Palin. "We do have a chance in this state and it's not words, it's development of our resources," Young said. "And this is direct criticism of my lieutenant governor and my governor at this time. We have to start investing it's not opening federal lands it's using our state lands."

During the entire Frank Murkowski administration Young never once said anything like that about Murkowki's failure to open ANWR. Nor did he mention his failure after 32 years on [in] office.

Here's the video of Palin asking people to stand up for reform in the party:

Next up, Sarah and Randy Reudrich, Alaska's GOP party chairman:

An anonymous spokesperson (for obvious reasons) told AlaskaReport, Conservatives want our party back. We see a bright future, but only if we can cleanse the party and enact change. At a time when we have the most popular governor in the nation, Ruedrich has failed to communicate with her," apparently since the 2006 election.

Alaska governor Sarah Palin said she favors a change in leadership.

The official Alaskan GOP website fails to include space for a positive mention of the governor, a picture of Palin, and celebrating the new administration's successes to date. No wonder conservatives feel it's time for Ruedrich to leave. They favor the vice chair, Kathy Gissel, stepping up to the chair because she has been uninvolved in the past problems and is highly respected as a hard worker.

A recent non-scientific poll at found 88% saying that the GOP needs a change at the top.
The Republican party in Alaska also did everything they could to keep Palin from winning the GOP primary for Governor. Again, history repeats itself. Here's Palin being asked her opinion of Randy Reudrich. Jump to 4:42. It's priceless:


Bill589 said...

I laugh now when I read about if Sarah can handle herself well with Oprah. She has borne more political media pressure than anyone else I know of in history. Oprah’s cake.

Maria said...

Is Don Young on crystal meth on the video?
He's grinding his teeth like all the tweekers I used to live by in El Cajon California.