Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Rumor Mill

Did you know that the Palins don't want anybody living nearby? Did you know, did you know....

Every so often I pop into the crazy pits known as the Immoral Minority or Palingates just to see what they're whispering to themselves now. This time it paid off. I found some interesting stuff. Take it without the looney fringe spin:

The Palins are apparently building: &

Also, pics and a video of Bristol (happy birthday) back in 2007:

I know, I know, I shouldn't be giving them traffic, but when they do the grunt work, I let them do the grunt work.

Also, what is Jessica "Beehive" (Sarah Palin's hairdresser) up to? Inquiring minds wanna know....

And Track, I know you're shy, so I won't post the kissing picture, but the Palingates blog linked to a pic I hadn't seen before:

Track and his girlfriend, who I'm pretty sure worked in the Governor's office as a secretary or something. I could be wrong on that. No matter. She was at the Gov's picnic in Wasilla. Follow the links on Palingates to find some more pics. And then never enter those slime bogs again. And please, do not feed the monkeys in their comment section. It's like trying to talk sense into a Q-tip.

That concludes the rumor mill for this Sunday.

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